How to make a simple house in Minecraft

  1. First get at least 1 stack of any block you want to build your house with.
  2. Then make the outline of your house by digging in the ground (make sure it is flat ground or you will have to dig MORE!!!!!
  3. Then start putting your blocks that you want to make your house with in the outline.
  4. Then build your layers first make your first
  5. Leave one space open on your first layer for your door
  6. Then make your second layer and make spaces if you want to for your windows
  7. Then place your door and windows and also your third layer.
  8. Then last make your fourth layer and a platform with it
  9. If you want you can make your second floor
  10. Then when you are done your house add some rooms in it
  11. For an ex: bedroom, kitchen or you can even make a BASMENT!!!!!!!
  12. Then when you are done your house and rooms you can make a garden
  13. To make your roof just use stairs and put one stair in front and one stair behind the front start and put one stair on top of the back stair and keep repeating the proses.
  14.  Then see you in the next tips
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