Undoubtedly, the release of PHP 5 has had a remarkable impact on the way that object-oriented applications are developed nowadays. This highly-improved model has provided PHP programmers with features that were only present in mature object-based languages, like Java and C++, but now, fortunately for you and me, they are generously offered by this powerful server-side scripting language.

Loading classes automatically: taking a look at the “__autoload()” PHP 5 magic function


class ClassLoader
  //specify list of the default folders where you
  //want always look for classes first
  private static $default = array(

  public static function load_class($class_name)
    $exists = FALSE;

    // iterate through the class directories
    //until a match is found
    foreach (self::$default as $dir)
      if (file_exists(($include=$dir.$class_name.'.php')))
        require_once $include;
        $exists = TRUE;
    return $exists;

function __autoload($class_name)

Save content above into the file ClassLoader.php and make sure this file is always included at the top of your program. Enjoy!


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