A great friend of mine did a very good job in my house and I could not resist to write an article about his business. He is providing people with Drain Services Toronto and GTA area.

Some thing you should know!

Drain Cleaning Chemicals Don’t Work!
Don’t waste your money on those harsh chemicals that don’t work and only ruin your pipes because the chemicals are strong enough to easily damage your plastic pipe within the first 2 uses of it. Not only are you damaging your drain pipes but you’re also damaging your health because every time you use the chemicals you have to open the bottle and breath them into you lungs, you may have not thought of it that way but it is a true fact and our best recommendation to you is to clean a drain pipe or system mechanically yourself or hire professionals plumbers to fix your problem, so that you would not have to damage your health any longer on methods that don’t work.

DrainRooter Plumbing is the leader in Toronto for all of your drain cleaning needs. We specialize in clearing those tough clogs. We can free up your stopped drain quickly and effectively for an affordable price. We
specialize in drain cleaning, plumbing repairs & installations, and waterproofing. Our goal is to satisfy your drain cleaning needs without the costly expense of repairing or replacing the pipes, parts, or installing a new drain system. We use our specialized drain cleaning equipment for the appropriate project. All of our technicians have over 10 years of experience in properly diagnosing drainage problems and fixing your drain problems right the first time. Our drain experts trained to use the proper equipment for the appropriate application. Here are some of the Drain services that we offer/provide to our customers in the Toronto Area: Pipe Repairs, Complete Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Camera Inspection & Pipe Locating, Trenchless Pipe Replacement Technology (No Digging), Foundation Crack Repair, Drain Repair, Sump Pump Installation & Repair, Sump Pump Installation & Repair, Grease Interceptors Installation & Repair, Sewer Back-Up, Camera Inspection, High Pressure Water Jetting, Drain Services, Draining & Sewer Service, Clogged Drain, Unclog Drain, Repair Drain, Unclog Sink & Toilet, Video Camera Inspection, Drain Snaking, Drain Back-Up and Drain Cleaning.
Give them a call and be safe!

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