The fastest, easiest and most complete free distribution of Apache Cassandra.

DataStax Community Edition is a free packaged distribution of Apache Cassandra database made available by DataStax. There’s no faster, easier way to use Cassandra than to download and install DataStax Community Edition.

DataStax Community Edition provides the most up-to-date community version of the open source Apache Cassandra database available.

In addition, DataStax includes a free version of OpsCenter, which is a browser- based management solution designed to help a user visually manage and monitor their Cassandra database cluster. Carrying out typical Cassandra administrative tasks is easy in the intuitive OpsCenter interface.

DataStax completes the package by providing free drivers and connectors for popular development languages as well as a sample database and application, which demonstrate how to model data in Cassandra and interface with it in an application.

Dima Svirid

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